Time-lapse by  Michael Bailey-Gates

Time-lapse by Michael Bailey-Gates

'Upward Facing Control Table Top' was commissioned by Performa w/ Salon 94 and Maccarone Gallery May 2017

Choreographed by FlucT

Performed at Lever House by Fluct+:  Jerome AB, Destiny Be, Emil Bognar-Nasdor, Ciara Clements, Jendaya Dash, Kellian Delice, Joshua Dunn, Kathleen Dycaico, Jillian Goodwin, Erin Grant, Violetta Komyshan, Charlie Kolarich, Sigrid LaurenMonica Mirabile of FLucT, Jes Nelson, Aaron Ricks, Cheryl Rosario and Quenton Stuckey

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Footage by Kofi Carson

Footage by Kofi Carson

Fluct+ was rebooted during Sustain-Release in the Catskills September 2017

Participants: Jerome AB, Emil Bognar-Nasdor, Kathleen Dycaico, Sarah Kinlaw, Sigrid Lauren & Monica Mirabile, Jes Nelson and Tara-Jo Tashna

Photography by Luis Nieto Dickens