Chapter IV: Masculine Ken addresses the stigma around mental illnesses. Ken and his counterparts openly embody and embrace various stages of mental disturbances in an attempt to heal the secret that we share. 

Ken delves into some research on stigmas around mental illnesses, inflicted upon within ourselves and by others, especially in poc communities, ~white professionals~ spewing nonsense and sifting through the truths, overstimulation, toxic masculinity, prayer and balance

Masculine Ken on the Secret We Share was presented for a second time as a live performance at Navel in Los Angeles as commissioned for the 2018 Queer Biennial.

The performance functioned as a TEDx simulation, complete with a living specimen inside a glass cage installation, informational videos, stage dialogue, echoed choreography and spoken word.

Dominique McDougal ... as the Patient 

Elliot Reed ... as the Doctor (Masculine Ken) 

& Jerome AB ...  as the Groundskeeper


Safe face ... Merritt Meacham

Photography by Phuc Le

Masculine Ken on the Secret We Share was originally presented as a live performance in a storefront window on Sept 27, 2017 at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery in New York City.

DeVonn Francis ... as the Doctor (Masculine Ken)

Tara-Jo Tashna ... as the Witness 

& Jerome AB ...  as the Inpatient


Spoken word ... Precious Okoyomon 

Safe face ... Merritt Meacham

Photography by Adam Lehrer


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tender sexual body of color.jpg


'Masculine Ken on the Entertainment' was a social experiment presented as a durational performance during Red Meal by Jen Monroe on April 22-23, 2017 in the Financial District of Manhattan.

Vocals ... Glasser 

Cello ... YoungGun Lee


Chapter III: Masculine Ken attends a private dinner party not as a guest, but as the show.

Photography by Steven Acres and Walter Wlodarczyk

"The photographs stretch our credulity, even numb our minds and senses to the full extent...but they must be examined if we are to understand how normal men and women could live with, participate in, and defend such atrocities, even reinterpret them so they would not see themselves or be perceived as less than civilized...Few had any ethical qualms about their actions."

~ Leon F. Litwack 

-On us, defined by they

Chapter II: In the near future, Masculine Ken is awoken yet again from a peculiar dream. Ken has been admitted to a correctional facility due to his delusions of reality that have rendered him a defective member of society. In these dreams, Ken exists not as himself but as another, challenging a not so different establishment. Ken identifies with a man by the name of James Baldwin, a man who instills in him belief in autonomy, in privacy, in freedom of speech, in diversity, in strength. Ken is taken in for cognitive therapy with Ken as one last effort to reprogram the source of his psychosis. As far as he, and the rest of the world knows, no such man ever existed. 

Masculine Ken as the therapist shares this case study with the participants of Generation Ship with aid of the ushers to ease the intake as they download his warning. 

Photography by Walter Wlodarczyk

'Masculine Ken on Us, Defined by They' is a video performance presented during Generation Ship, a site-specific performative tour of Mana Contemporary curated by Caitlin Baucom February 2017.

Masculine Ken ... The "Therapist"

Masculine Ken ... The Threat 

Ushers ... Liam Benzvi, Gina Chiappetta, Sharleen Noha Chidiac, Gabriella Garcia and Merritt Meacham.

Raw footage shot by Pedro Lopez, illustrations by Neil Gilks, watercolor animations by Katie Armstrong


Chapter I: Masculine Ken engages the audience on a discussion about mental health.

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'Masculine Ken on Psychological Defense Mechanisms' is an immersive screening performance shown at:

Falling In, curated by Monica Mirabile, produced by BOOM BK at Syndicated Theater

The Great Black Expanse, curated by Samantha Crabtree-Cornwell at POWRPLNT September 2016