A performance conceived by Jerome AB through the Otion Front Studio Artist-in-Residence program during the month of May.
'Sebastian, Tell Aware' is an exploration into the reversal of one's dependence on the grief behind, before and after the death of a loved one. 
To detach from the inability to let go is to reaffirm the love that has existed
to remain in existance.
This performance functions as a five-part play, a mental map framed by the five stages of grief.

Performed on June 1, 2017 at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, NY by:
Kellian Delice ... The Doctor
DeVonn C Francis ... The Son
Aarron Ricks ... The Sibling
Tara-Jo Tashna ... The Mother
& Jerome AB ... The Patient

Greg Fox ... Drums
Caleb Kruzel ... Vocals
Adam Markiewicz ... Violin
Precious Okoyomon ... Spoken Word

Costumes by Merritt Meacham
Portraiture by Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.


A conversation on control and codependency choreographed and embodied by Jerome AB + Gina Chiappetta

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McGolrick Park May 2017

Trans-Pecos January 2016

Shot and edited by Jon Burklund. 

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large, deep pit

Large, Deep Pit_a fashion presentation of wearable textile-art collaboration between Merritt Meacham and Ty Roach formulated as a performance choreographed by Jerome AB. 

The cast entered the space in their street wear just as one with the audience and were then stripped down to blank canvasses, translating physical information in response to five beacons of movement as Meacham clothed each body from the pit. 

'Large, Deep Pit' was performed December 2016 at The Glove in Brooklyn, NY.

Performers: Gina Chiappetta,

Kathleen Dycaico and

Monica Mirabile of Otion Front Studio

with Jes Nelson and

Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater)

Cast: Sylvia Gz, Coco Romack, Mars Hobrecker, Stacy Gladstone, Kenta Murakami, Juje Hsiung, Liz Hoss, Ang Rand, Sarah Abney, Yasmin Geurts, Gunnar Kauth, Giovanna Flores, Moi, Joy, Sharleen Chidiac, Stevie, Fuck Walker, Tara-Jo Tashna, Caleb Kruzel, Nico Fuentes and Carmen Deshmandi

Music by Jjakub and 6d6y

Lighting by Nitemind

Videography by Payton Barronian

Photography courtesy of Luke Abby, Jimmy Tagliaferri, Guy Greenberg and Pedro Lopez




Scorpions_a two-hour durational performance by Vincent Tiley in collaboration with jewelry designer Chris Habana performed by Jerome AB, Forrest Wu and Ash Yergens as part of the Kinetic Intimacies exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in May 2017

Footage and photos courtesy of Bryson Rand

PRESS: Out Magazine

a ghost story

A Ghost Story is an ongoing psychological thriller dissecting the performative aspects of coexisting inside a family home.

The story is constructed across three chapters, choreographed by Monica Mirabile


A Ghost Story 3.0 was performed by Jerome AB, Kathleen Dycaico, Jes Nelson and Tara Jo-Tashna

January 2017 at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City, NY

Score by Aaron David Ross, footage courtesy of Kofi Regan Carson

A Ghost Story 2.0 was performed by Ciara Clements, Samantha Cornwell-Crabtree, Kathleen Dycaico, Kellian Dellice, Jes Nelson and Tara-Jo Tashna 

August 2016 at the Metro Pictures Project Space in New York City, NY

A Ghost Story was performed by Jerome AB, Ciara Clements, Samantha Cornwell-Crabtree, Kathleen Dycaico, Hayley Martell, Alexandra Marzella, Martha Moszczynski, Jes Nelson, Caroline Newton, Chelsea Pfohl, Amanda Salane and Tara-Jo Tashna

November 2015 at Signal Gallery in Brooklyn, NY


Time-lapse by  Michael Bailey-Gates

Time-lapse by Michael Bailey-Gates

'Upward Facing Control Table Top' was commissioned by Performa w/ Salon 94 and Maccarone Gallery May 2017

Choreographed by FlucT

Performed at Lever House by Fluct+:  Jerome AB, Destiny Be, Emil Bognar-Nasdor, Ciara Clements, Jendaya Dash, Kellian Delice, Joshua Dunn, Kathleen Dycaico, Jillian Goodwin, Erin Grant, Violetta Komyshan, Charlie Kolarich, Sigrid LaurenMonica Mirabile of FLucT, Jes Nelson, Aaron Ricks, Cheryl Rosario and Quenton Stuckey copy.gif

Footage by Kofi Carson

Footage by Kofi Carson

Fluct+ was rebooted during Sustain-Release in the Catskills September 2017

Participants: Jerome AB, Emil Bognar-Nasdor, Kathleen Dycaico, Sarah Kinlaw, Sigrid Lauren & Monica Mirabile, Jes Nelson and Tara-Jo Tashna

Photography by Luis Nieto Dickens