Chapter IV: Masculine Ken addresses the stigma around mental illnesses. Ken and his counterparts openly embody and embrace various stages of mental disturbances in an attempt to heal the secret that we share. 

Ken delves into some research on stigmas around mental illnesses, inflicted upon within ourselves and by others, especially in poc communities, ~white professionals~ spewing nonsense and sifting through the truths, overstimulation, unhealthy masculinity, prayer and balance

Masculine Ken on the Secret We Share was originally presented as a live performance in a storefront window on Sept 27, 2017 at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery.

DeVonn Francis ... The Doctor 

Tara-Jo Tashna ... The Witness 

& Jerome AB ...  The Inpatient


Spoken word ... Precious Okoyomon 

Safe face ... Merritt Meacham

Photography by Adam Lehrer


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