A performance conceived by Jerome AB through the Otion Front Studio Artist-in-Residence program during the month of May.
'Sebastian, Tell Aware' is an exploration into the reversal of one's dependence on the grief behind, before and after the death of a loved one. 
To detach from the inability to let go is to reaffirm the love that has existed
to remain in existance.
This performance functions as a five-part play, a mental map framed by the five stages of grief.

Performed on June 1, 2017 at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, NY by:
Kellian Delice ... The Doctor
DeVonn C Francis ... The Son
Aarron Ricks ... The Sibling
Tara-Jo Tashna ... The Mother
& Jerome AB ... The Patient

Greg Fox ... Drums
Caleb Kruzel ... Vocals
Adam Markiewicz ... Violin
Precious Okoyomon ... Spoken Word

Costumes by Merritt Meacham
Portraiture by Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.