Original choreography created and performed with Jillian Siegel to "Tremel" by Glasser, remixed by Jamie XX.

Performed at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY on November 15th, 2015 as part of the 'Living Library Showcase' v.2 performance series curated by Sarah Kinlaw of SOFTSPOT. 

"My favorite costume was when I performed with Jerome Bwire for Living Library. We made our own costumes by layering tights on the top and the bottom... [where] we were also tied together. We cut the legs off several pairs and used that as rope to bind us. 
The costume functioned as a metaphor for the push and pull and power battles we all experience in relationships. During the performance, we got so into our movement we ended up breaking the pieces of tights that bound us. That moment the rope broke was totally unplanned. It ended up being the most magical moment in the piece because it was honest and raw.
--Jillian Siegel for Ginza Magazine

Video provided by AJ WIlhelm